We have continued the proud traditions and the well-known product range, which can be found on the shelves of leading retailers in the specialist trade as well as selected chain stores in the grocery trade. The biggest upheaval that our loyal customers had to turn to was the development of the brand's logo and identity that our skilled graphic designers have created as a natural part of the implementation in Quilts of Denmark® - which the silk products in the fantastic quality have fully deserved.

Welcome to Butterfly Silk of Copenhagen - by Quilts of Denmark®

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The history of Silk

The process of making silk was invented by the Chinese for approx. 5,000 years ago and was held top secret to the outside world for thousands of years. It was thus associated with the death penalty if the manufacturing process was to be revealed outside China's borders.


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The best quality

Get closer to the exciting world of silk and get an insight into the process of manufacturing and the different qualities.


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Good reviews

Many of our customers write to us to share  their experiences with the exclusive silk products. We are proud to share those experiences with you, so you can get an insight into the pros and cons of silk products.


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100 % mulberry silk

You only get the very best quality with Butterfly Silk of Copenhagen.


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Maintenance of silk

Remember that a silk duvet does not withstand washing - instead it must be cleaned at a professional dry cleaner specializing in cleaning silk.


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Product Lines

Duvets and pillows are available in three different lines, which we visually show on the labeling of products and packaging. These changes will be implemented on an ongoing basis in 2021. We have chosen the colors below to represent the product lines.

Silk / Silk

The original and absolutely most exclusive silk duvets and pillows. Both filling and fabric are made of 100 % long-fiber mulberry silk. Here you get silk - from the inside to the outside.

Silk / Bamboo

Silk duvets and pillows with fillings made of 100 % mulberry silk. The fabric is made of 100 % bamboo. The bamboo plant is known for being extremely fast growing.

Silk / Cotton

Silk duvets and pillows where the filling is made of 100 % mulberry silk and the fabric is made of 100 % cotton. All duvets and pillows are Oeko-Tex certified.


This is why you should choose a silk duvet

Temperature regulating - cool in summer and warm in winter

The silk duvet breathes far better than other duvets

The silk filling absorbs and transports moisture. You do not sweat in a silk duvet

Ensures a dry sleeping environment where house dust mites and molds do not thrive

Particularly suitable for children and adults with asthma or allergies, as silk is antibacterial

No cold areas, but a special heat that helps people with arthritis and muscle pain

The silk duvet ensures your well-being, comfort and the best night's sleep



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