The factory


Quilts of Denmark is a Danish company. Most of our products are made at our factory in Vamdrup and thus bear the Made in Denmark label. Having production under our own roof means, first and foremost, that we are in complete control of all procedures which ensures that the quality always lives up to the high standards that we are known for.


We have storage facilities in connection with the factory in Vamdrup, as well as a large high-bay warehouse in Hammelev, where we dispatch orders to the whole world every day. In the high season, we often need external storage capacity, which the logistics department manages so that we can perform short delivery times on most items of our large product range. This applies to both our own brands and the private label products.


Made in Denmark

You get what you pay for - and with production in Denmark you are guaranteed high quality, which helps to maintain Danish jobs now and in the future. There are orderly working conditions and you have certainty that the minimum wages have been met.

We also have great respect for animal welfare, which is why we are also Downpass certified - which provides 100 % traceability and is your guarantee that down and feathers come from animals that are bred under proper conditions. We are in favor of openness and declare all our own products with the factual content - we think that is most fair.

As production is located in Denmark, we have less transport and can thus reduce CO2 emissions on all the goods we sell in Denmark.