Ethical standards

Environmental friendliness, animal welfare and good ethics are values that we never compromise on, and they form a solid foundation in all stages of our production. All our products are based on natural materials such as cotton, down and feathers. We could not even sleep well at night if we had not ensured proper conditions for both animals, humans and nature, which are directly or indirectly part of our production processes.

At Quilts of Denmark we invest a lot of resources in both ensuring the quality of our products and that all parts of our production live up to high, international, ethical standards. As a member of the organization SEDEX, NorviGroup Denmark has the facilities in South Jutland audited according to the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Training Audit) system. The audit is conducted every three years by an independent third party. We also expect our suppliers to submit to the same SMETA audit, or equivalent from BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). As a retailer or consumer of our products, you can therefore be assured that the production and the entire supply chain operate in an ethically sound manner.


Animal welfare

We strongly dissociate ourselves from all animal cruelty, including the picking of down and feathers from live animals. We believe that neglect of animals should be combated at all levels and put a lot of resources into ensuring the welfare of the birds our feathers and down come from. All our down products are certified by DOWNAFRESH® / DAUNASAN®, which is the guarantor of an audited tracking system for the down filling and your guarantee that it complies with all applicable legislation on animal welfare and ethics.

Downpass 2017

DOWNPASS 2017 is a quality control, which at the same time documents that down and feathers from waterfowl such as ducks and geese, which are used for filling material in clothing, outdoor equipment and duvets and pillows, have been obtained in an ethically sound manner. We were the first in Denmark to receive this certification.


  1. We do not use down and feathers picked from live animals
  2. We do not use down and feathers from fois gras (force-fed) geese
  3. We document full traceability and monitor the breeders


Always choose duvets and pillows with the Downpass logo - then you can also sleep well at night.


Read more about Downpass 2017 here.



Green energy

We use GREEN energy throughout production in Vamdrup. It means a lot to us that we are a company that contributes to a healthier environment - not least for future generations.