About silk - and silk quality

Chinese silk is famous all over the world for its high quality and the many unique properties. Our silk products are made exclusively from 100% organic Mulberry silk, and the actual manufacturing process takes place without the use of chemicals. This ensures that our silk duvets and silk bedding are of the absolute highest quality.

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​What is silk?

Mulberry silk is the term for the best silk quality. It comes from silkworms that are bred in captivity under very controlled conditions. The larvae originate from the butterfly (moth) - Bombyx mori, which can not fly, is blind and whose sole purpose is to lay eggs, which can ensure the next generation of silk butterfly larvae.

Mulberry silk comes from silk butterfly larvae, whose food consists of freshly chopped mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk is white and soft - in short, the most expensive silk available. Mulberry silk is also known as "cultivated silk" or "bombyx silk", but mulberry silk is the most commonly used term.

We are your guarantee for 100% Mulberry silk

If you are looking for a sleeping environment in silk that is both luxurious, very durable and made of the finest silk, then look for silk bedding made of 100% Mulberry silk and silk duvets with 100% Mulberry silk filling. You are guaranteed this if you buy a Butterfly Silk of Copenhagen silk product.

Wild silk

Tussah silk comes from larvae that eat oak leaves and what they can find in the wild. Also known as wild silk. Tussah silk is more hard and uneven than mulberry silk.


Ten times stronger than cotton

​Silk is approx. 10 times as strong as cotton and approx. 2-3 times as strong as wool. Furthermore, silk is fire retardant. Silk does not "dust" like cotton does, as the cotton is made of many small fibers, which are easily released during use.


The Chinese silk city of Suzhou

All our silk products come from Suzhou (Xuzhou), which is known as the silk city with the best quality of silk. Silk duvets, silk pillows, silk bedding, roller mattresses with silk filling, silk blankets, etc. - we have the largest range and are thus the leading importer of silk products from China. All silk products are subject to ISO certification 9001, which ensures a uniform production and the best quality. We only cooperate with the absolute best manufacturers in China.

Our silk duvets and silk bedding are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.


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