Mulberry silk is a natural product for your benefit

Quilts of Denmark A/S sells a large selection of products made of mulberry silk, which is recognized as being one of the highest silk qualities on the market. The products are sold in the leading stores within the specialist trade, as well as selected chain stores in the grocery trade such as COOP and Bilka.

"Mulberry silk" is the term for the best silk quality on the market. It comes from silkworms that are bred in controlled breeding. You can therefore be sure that our products are manufactured under orderly conditions that are only for the benefit of you and your health.

We offer various products in mulberry silk

In the range you will find everything within bedding, duvets and pillows. Common to all the products is that they are of high quality. Mulberry silk is especially known for being incredibly durable, which makes the products very durable. In addition, silk does not dust, which is especially good for allergy sufferers.

The silk products that you find in our range are made exclusively from 100% mulberry silk, and the actual manufacturing process takes place without the use of chemicals. This ensures that our products are of the absolute highest quality and do not contain harmful substances. Therefore, silk products are ideal for both children or adults who suffer from allergies.


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