Get ready! In the autumn, the new Temprakon will arrive.

We are always working to improve and optimize our products, and Temprakon is no exception. Below you can read more about the new Temprakon, which we will start selling in the autumn.

What is new?

The cooling Outlast material, which was previously under a layer of cotton, has now moved to the outside of the products. By doing so, the effect can be felt even more clearly than before. At the same time, we have made the area with Outlast wider on the duvets, making it easier to get the desired effect when you sleep. In addition to this, there is only Outlast on one side of the duvets, meaning you can choose how directly you want to feel the temperature regulating effect. On down toppers and pillows, the Outlast material covers the same area as before, but has also moved to the outside of the products.

New amazing down filling

As part of the update of the Temprakon products, we have also changed the filling. The big news is that the filling is now Downpass certified. This is your guarantee that we do not use down and feathers from birds that have been treated badly. In addition, all down and feathers come from European birds, where proper working conditions for the employees is also controlled. Both animals and employees must be treated properly.

New modern look

No product is perfect without nice packaging. As part of the launch of the new Temprakon we have redesigned the packaging. Most Temprakon products will come in either a retail box or in a canvas bag. The idea behind the bag, is that it can be reused as a weekend bag or shopping bag. It will not have any visible branding but comes in the nice new colors of the Temprakon brand.

Same amazing features

We might have changed the design for the Temprakon brand, but the amazing features remain the same. Using the Outlast technology, Temprakon products will help regulate your temperature throughout the night. But what does that mean? When you sleep, your body temperature changes through the night. Normally that will result in you feeling either warm or cold and perhaps cause you to wake up. Outlast have created a technology, that is able to absorb the heat your body produces, thereby reducing your body temperature. If at some point you start to feel cold, the absorbed heat will be transferred back to your body, helping you feel warmer again. The point with all this is, that your body will not experience extreme heat or cold, and therefore your sleep will be more relaxed and consistent, resulting in you feeling more fresh and ready for a new day when you wake up.